VeeamON 2017 Vanguard Post Event Thoughts

VeeamON 2017 has come to a close and I’m back on board at Zettagrid catching up on the hundreds of emails I missed. I had a literal journey which included engine troubles, missed connections and cancelled flights. All in all, a 60 hour trip home from New Orleans to Perth. Would I do it all again? Heck yes I would, the Veeam guys really know how to do an event properly.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience from VeeamON. Not only the event itself but as I’m lucky to be part of the Vanguard program I was also allowed access to the product development teams. I got some very juicy NDA on the massive announcements that were to follow.

VeeamON Vanguard

So how was it

For me a lot of the event was heavily skewed towards what I could get out of the event. I was after things that would help Zettagrid grow and mature our offerings. Zettagrid’s used Veeam for many years now and have 3 productised offerings around different parts of the suite.

I was incredibly enthused about the emphasis on service providers with the announcement of Availability Suit 10. This is a refreshing change from what I normally experience at events like this. They’re often targeted solely towards enterprises. Service providers like Zettagrid need to somehow wrangle it into something they can productise.

VeeamONWhat interested me

So what was it that I cared about then at VeeamON? From a Zettagrid perspective these are the things I was most excited about. I will be looking to include them in our offerings over the coming months;

  • Veeam PN. Easy connectivity between Zettagrid zones or your on-premises remote offices or branches.
  • Veeam Agent for Windows. Start also backing up those physical boxes into Zettagrid.
  • vCloud Director support. Yes finally!!!! Oh, and a little thing called CDP which means no longer relying on snapshots. Getting the very low RPOs that customers are begging for.
  • Backup for Office 365. Might sound weird as we aren’t Microsoft but Zettagrid were the first in Australia to offer Office 365 ProPlus. This is a great step forward for us as well.

VeeamONWhat I’ve learnt a lot over the years and after going to many events is that it’s all about networking. All the juicy content and opportunities are made through your dealings with people. VeeamON allowed for enormous amounts of collaboration through the Vanguard sessions and access to the product development teams.

I can’t wait to see what’s next…


Luke Brown

Author: Luke Brown

Luke Brown is an Advisory Systems Engineer at Dell EMC. He is passionate about all things tech and loves a good debate.

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