vCloud Director 9 Announced

Is VMware committed to Service Providers? Why yes, yes they are and this release proves it!

vCloud Director 9The first week in July an email hit my inbox asking whether I was keen to continue in the beta program for vCloud Director. I have been a part of the last few vCloud Director beta programs and they’re a fantastic way to get a sneak preview into the future as VMware sees it.

The vCD 8.20 release brought about some killer new features but nothing compared to what was to come with vCD 9…

My perspective has always been from a cloud provider standpoint so I will concentrate on the big 4 for Service Providers. The 4 key things about to drop as I see it are;

  2. True Integration of the Product Stack
  3. Multi-Site Connectivity
  4. 3rd Party Plugins

Lets dive a bit deeper and see what the fuss is all about!


The old vCD portal has always been both a blessing and a curse.

Sure it had some great functionality but man why did it have to be so convoluted and hidden. The admin screens were all so similar and even after using vCD for 7 years since its first version I still occasionally ended up on the wrong page.

Bringing on the new HTML5 console is a fantastic addition for a few reasons. One, its just so much faster and all those annoying browser checks are gone. Two, they’ve managed to simplify it enormously which has been something partners have been telling me they want for years.

What this means is that the new console will now be something that Service Providers can actually use. Previously SPs were almost forced into developing their own consoles cos vCD was just so damn ugly and troublesome to use.

True Integration of the Product Stack

NSX, vSAN, vSphere and vCloud oh my!

This wont feel as though its a big deal for most but from seeing how things have been to this point im very excited.


Well, up to this point it really has felt as though all the components have just been bolted on. With v9 they are all being naturally and seamlessly integrated into one another.

That means that (hopefully) gone are the weeks and months of effort trying to integrate everything into one another. That will mean a much faster time to market for upgrades to v9 and for new players in the market. The more people we have using vCloud the more legitimate it will be in the market.

Competition among us is fantastic and it raises the bar and keeps everyone on the edge of the knife continually developing.

Multi-Site Connectivity

Yes! Having a free plugin for vCenter means that FINALLY customers will be able to just consume…

Extending L2 into a service provider has always been fraught with danger and wasnt terribly easy to do without dedicated links.

Customers can now connect directly up to Service Providers like Zettagrid directly from vCenter and WITHOUT the need for NSX on premises.

Its all about removing barriers to cloud adoption and this goes a long way towards that. In my experience, the first time a customer hits a roadblock on their cloud journey they often just call it quits and go back to whats comfortable.

3rd Party Plugins

This one on the surface is no big deal because nothing knew actually comes from day 1.

So why is it something Service Providers should care about then?Well simply put it allows companies like Veeam and Zerto etc to start being invested in vCloud Director.

Once these companies and the many others out there develop native integration into vCloud everyone wins. It will bring more focus to vCloud Director and cause it to be taken up more and more. This will have a flow on effect and VMware will concentrate on it more and more. This will bring about more maturity in the product and people will use it more. Rinse and repeat…


Is it a good time to be a Service Provider using VMware? Yes ma’am #TipsHat.

Luke Brown

Author: Luke Brown

Luke Brown is an Advisory Systems Engineer at Dell EMC. He is passionate about all things tech and loves a good debate.

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