Luke Wars: A New Hope

A few days ago in a town far far away…

Luke WarsOK so Perth isn’t exactly a galaxy far far away but you get the picture.

Throughout my career so far I feel I’ve done a lot and achieved some great things and couldn’t have done any of it without such great people around me. Having been with Zettagrid for 7 years though, I found that I began longing for a new challenge.

I continually look towards that feeling of breaking new ground and discovering things. As such the time has come for me to move into vendor land and what better vendor than Dell EMC.

I’ve been here a few days now and am in awe of just how big this place is… I knew it was big, but daaaannggg!!!

Dell Technologies

Dell control literally the entire supply chain in IT now. I’ve realised if there is one place that will challenge me on a daily basis it would be Dell EMC. There is no chance of ever knowing everything they do here so I know I’m in for so many challenges learning systems and offerings that my appetite for knowledge has met its match!

I look forward to touching base with everyone after im settled in and look forward to doing #GreatThingsWithGreatTech.

See you all soon!

Luke Brown

Author: Luke Brown

Luke Brown is an Advisory Systems Engineer at Dell EMC. He is passionate about all things tech and loves a good debate.

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