Certifications And Making The Cloud Safe

Let’s think about the past 12 months or so. We’ve seen large government agencies falter, security breaches, celebrity phone pics hacked, data leaks and compromised websites galore. Nobody is asking about certifications… Why on earth would you put anything in the cloud with all that uncertainty in the market?

Hacker Certifications

Don’t get me wrong, the cloud is phenomenal both personal or business use. What I am seeing though is people blindly trusting large enterprises or cloud companies and it needs to stop. NOW! Continue reading “Certifications And Making The Cloud Safe”

Data Sovereignty, Data Locality, is it important to stay local?

I hear a lot from cloud providers that you should house your data locally. Yet also hear from the large hyperscalers based in the US that data sovereignty doesn’t matter.

Data SovereigntyFrom experience, I believe that there are many benefits to staying local. These range from your data being more secure, through to customers having a better user experience when running their applications.

Below I will go into detail on the following issues. Detailing why they should be factors that drive you to keep your data in a local provider like Zettagrid;

1) Data Sovereignty and The Patriot Act
2) Partially in Australia, partially overseas
3) Performance and Latency
4) Access to engineers and architects in the same state Continue reading “Data Sovereignty, Data Locality, is it important to stay local?”