HCI, Build vs Buy, Why oh Why!

Whether you build or buy your hyper-converged (HCI) solution the end result is pretty similar. So what, who cares? Well, simply put if you value the longevity of your company you should…

HCII gave a presentation at Dell EMC Forum in Perth last week and had a lot of fantastic conversations afterwards. What was clear to me was that whilst customers love VxRail and Dell XC (Nutanix), for some reason they still like to tinker and build their own solutions. Continue reading “HCI, Build vs Buy, Why oh Why!”

Luke Wars: A New Hope

A few days ago in a town far far away…

Luke WarsOK so Perth isn’t exactly a galaxy far far away but you get the picture.

Throughout my career so far I feel I’ve done a lot and achieved some great things and couldn’t have done any of it without such great people around me. Having been with Zettagrid for 7 years though, I found that I began longing for a new challenge. Continue reading “Luke Wars: A New Hope”