HCI, Build vs Buy, Why oh Why!

Whether you build or buy your hyper-converged (HCI) solution the end result is pretty similar. So what, who cares? Well, simply put if you value the longevity of your company you should…

HCII gave a presentation at Dell EMC Forum in Perth last week and had a lot of fantastic conversations afterwards. What was clear to me was that whilst customers love VxRail and Dell XC (Nutanix), for some reason they still like to tinker and build their own solutions. Continue reading “HCI, Build vs Buy, Why oh Why!”

Whats the Cost of Not Doing DR

No, I’m not talking about the short-term cost savings. These aren’t savings you will have in project, capital or software fees if you don’t implement DR!

Cost of DRI’m talking about what’s the cost, and I mean the true cost to your business. What happens if you suffer an outage and you can’t “hand on heart” rely on your DR solution.

The market is definitely maturing in relation to DR. It’s becoming easier to get businesses to buy into the importance of catering for DR. It still isn’t a mandatory item yet though. I constantly see people putting applications into production with little or no thought to business continuity or DR. Continue reading “Whats the Cost of Not Doing DR”