HCI, Build vs Buy, Why oh Why!

Whether you build or buy your hyper-converged (HCI) solution the end result is pretty similar. So what, who cares? Well, simply put if you value the longevity of your company you should…

HCII gave a presentation at Dell EMC Forum in Perth last week and had a lot of fantastic conversations afterwards. What was clear to me was that whilst customers love VxRail and Dell XC (Nutanix), for some reason they still like to tinker and build their own solutions. Continue reading “HCI, Build vs Buy, Why oh Why!”

Business Critical Apps in the Cloud

I’ve talked a lot on moving workloads to the cloud and helped many customers and partners on their journey. The issue with putting business critical apps up is always around visibility and control of it whilst in the cloud.

I have often looked at the likes of Dynatrace, AppDynamics and NewRelic as they’re in the leaders quadrant in APM. I always thought they sounded great but would be pretty hard to set up so never really took it much further. Continue reading “Business Critical Apps in the Cloud”

How To: Creating a Virtual Data Centre (VDC) in Zettagrid

Having a Virtual Data Centre (VDC) up and running only takes a few minutes. The trouble is unless you’ve done it before it can be a daunting process.VDC Creation Zettagrid

Today we will go through the deployment of a VDC. It is in essence a collection of resources that you can divide up and use how you wish. It can be for nearly any purpose. Continue reading “How To: Creating a Virtual Data Centre (VDC) in Zettagrid”

Object Storage, Should I Be Using It And Step By Step To Deploy It?

In IT, we throw around a lot of acronyms and buzz words! It’s getting to the point now that it’s not uncommon to hear 10 acronyms or made up words in a single sentence. FML… See even I do it!! Object Storage hmmmmObject File Block Storage

S3, Swift, Ceph, GlusterFS… Do you need it? Maybe, maybe not but a great many people I speak to don’t really know what it is. It can be embarrassing to admit you don’t know the latest buzz word so many bluff their way through. I thought it would be beneficial to go through what it is and then whether you need it. Continue reading “Object Storage, Should I Be Using It And Step By Step To Deploy It?”

Data Sovereignty, Data Locality, is it important to stay local?

I hear a lot from cloud providers that you should house your data locally. Yet also hear from the large hyperscalers based in the US that data sovereignty doesn’t matter.

Data SovereigntyFrom experience, I believe that there are many benefits to staying local. These range from your data being more secure, through to customers having a better user experience when running their applications.

Below I will go into detail on the following issues. Detailing why they should be factors that drive you to keep your data in a local provider like Zettagrid;

1) Data Sovereignty and The Patriot Act
2) Partially in Australia, partially overseas
3) Performance and Latency
4) Access to engineers and architects in the same state Continue reading “Data Sovereignty, Data Locality, is it important to stay local?”

Whats the Cost of Not Doing DR

No, I’m not talking about the short-term cost savings. These aren’t savings you will have in project, capital or software fees if you don’t implement DR!

Cost of DRI’m talking about what’s the cost, and I mean the true cost to your business. What happens if you suffer an outage and you can’t “hand on heart” rely on your DR solution.

The market is definitely maturing in relation to DR. It’s becoming easier to get businesses to buy into the importance of catering for DR. It still isn’t a mandatory item yet though. I constantly see people putting applications into production with little or no thought to business continuity or DR. Continue reading “Whats the Cost of Not Doing DR”

How to Size IaaS VMs in the Cloud Properly

People, you need to stop sizing your IaaS cloud workloads wrong!

Size IaaSIn my 7 years at Zettagrid I’ve seen hundreds of customers and partners move workloads over to an IaaS provider. All too often it could be done in a much more efficient manner.

In today’s post I would like to go through with you some things I’ve experienced and learnt along the way. Hopefully this aides you when you start your journey to the cloud. It should make the transition faster and much more of a seamless experience for your end users. Continue reading “How to Size IaaS VMs in the Cloud Properly”

Cloud migration, how I do I actually get my apps to the cloud?

Cloud MigrationYou’ve decided to move to the cloud, great! Cloud migration full steam ahead. Now how do you actually get there…

Generally speaking there are 3 methods to move/migrate to the cloud which are;
– Build the applications fresh in the cloud
– Use tools to replicate existing workloads as is
– Redesign your applications for the cloud Webscale Webscale WEBSCALE! Continue reading “Cloud migration, how I do I actually get my apps to the cloud?”

The Cloud Has Burnt Me In the Past Can I Trust It Now – Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed the first 4 items affecting successful cloud trust. Today we will go through the remaining 4 and I’ll give you some recommendations. Let’s ensure they won’t bite you and your business when you to move to the cloud.

5) It is just too far away to trust

Trust DistanceDepending on where you are and what service you choose with cloud provider XYZ this has been the cause of significant headache for businesses I speak with. Often not considered until it’s very much too late. Continue reading “The Cloud Has Burnt Me In the Past Can I Trust It Now – Part 2”

The Cloud Has Burnt Me In the Past Can I Trust It Now – Part 1

Trust… OK we’ve all had problems moving workloads into the cloud or we’ve heard of companies that have. They’ve migrated to the cloud and it performed terribly. Maybe suffered unexplained downtime leaving users with a bad taste in their mouth about cloud.

Cloud Burnt TrustCan you trust the cloud not to burn you and your workloads?

Why should you trust your provider? Why shouldn’t you trust them? Let’s take a look… Continue reading “The Cloud Has Burnt Me In the Past Can I Trust It Now – Part 1”