WhatWouldLukeDo is a personal blog about my experiences and thoughts on all things infrastructure and cloud related maintained by me, Luke Brown.

I try to remain as objective as I can and see many different views on a particular situation but my own views are a culmination of my experience and journey as firstly as Call Centre Operator at an ISP -> Helpdesk -> System Admin -> Senior Sys Admin -> Tech Architect -> Sol/Ent Architect -> Architecture Team Leader -> Presales Manager -> Principal Technologist/Evangelist -> Advisory SE -> Field CTO Commercial ANZ.

Im currently the Field CTO for Commercial Australia and New Zealand at Dell EMC and am focused on the entire product suite for commercial customers.

I travel a lot both interstate and internationally in my efforts to present to as many audiences, speak to as many customers and partners as I can so the products we offer are at the forefront of customers minds and are proven to be best of breed and of significant value to their business.

Please connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter id love to have a chat.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in any articles you may read on this site are not the views of Zettagrid they are my own personal opinions.