Theres Much More To DR Than Just Replication – Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed the need for a discrete location and the networking aspects of DR. Now we will dive into the Replication, Automation and Management components.

3) Replication software

DR ReplicationThis is the most visible of the pieces typically but still doesn’t mean that it is being done adequately. The decision of what replication software is not going to be the same for everyone. It’s highly dependent on how the customers business operates and what type of applications they are wanting to protect. Continue reading “Theres Much More To DR Than Just Replication – Part 2”

Theres Much More To DR Than Just Replication – Part 1


Think about your own IT environment for a second and tell me what you use for DR?

VMware SRM DR Zerto DR Veeam DR Windows Hyper-V DR

You just thought of a product name didn’t you? You thought VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM), Veeam Backup and Replication, Hyper-V Replica or Zerto maybe. Whilst all those products are fantastic in their own right they are NOT “DR” they are primarily replication products.
The replication part of DR is an integral part! If that’s all you’re hanging your hat on then you’re going to have a rough time when it comes time for the “R” part in “DR”. This relies on your ability to restore your applications. Workloads could be inaccessible by staff in head office or external websites no longer up. Continue reading “Theres Much More To DR Than Just Replication – Part 1”

Disaster Recovery is Easy Stop Making it Hard

Fact #1 – Disaster Recovery and the solutions encompassing it were extremely difficult and time consuming.

Fact #2 – Technology has simplified Disaster Recovery, solutions can be purchased and setup in minutes.

Fact #3 – IT services companies want to keep it difficult to keep the traditional large project revenue setting up Disaster Recovery for customers.

Fact #4 – Companies have an emphasis on risk avoidance which creates a perception that IT must use the biggest vendor, spend a lot of time and a sizeable percentage of the budget to get the best Disaster Recovery solution.

Fact #5 – You can easily try these new Disaster Recovery solutions risk free and if they’re great then use them, if not then don’t. Continue reading “Disaster Recovery is Easy Stop Making it Hard”